Catherine M. Merritt


Offerings & Expertise

MGC works with top brands to tell stories and grow their business, with startups to launch ideas and become industry players, the C-Suite to define purpose and build persona, executives to evaluate old approaches and find better ways.

From big to small and everything in between, I work with each client as a partner, first and foremost. 

MGC is equipped to take on all-sizes of projects, with an arsenal of people, resources and teams we work with and bring into projects as-needed. From award-winning designers to status-quo disruptors, MGC taps the right people and teams to jump in and deliver the absolute best work for clients. 

Here are ways we can help:

Go-to-market strategy

Public Relations and Communications

    Branding strategy and Assets

      Executive and leadership exposure


      Social media

        Strategic partnerships 

        Blogger Outreach

        Influencer Strategy 


        Startup Packages


        Launching a startup is no easy feat, which is why MGC offers templates and packages specifically for early-stage companies that may have limited funds. Contact MGC for pricing on the packages, which include:

        Go-To Market Strategy

        MGC will develop and share an action plan that specifies how a company will reach customers and achieve competitive advantage. The GTM plan includes elevator pitch and headline benefits, customer criteria, customer value proposition, marketing plan.

        PR toolkit

        Kit will include a media kit (fact sheet, key messages, press release and boilerplate), media outlet verticals and outreach instructions.

        Social Media toolkit

        Content tools, templates and resources to create more compelling social media posts

        Marketing strategy

        A presentation will include customer overview, SWOT analysis, value proposition, key performance indicators (KPIs), market competition, marketing mix and executional recommendation.



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