Catherine M. Merritt


Offerings & Expertise

I work with top brands to tell stories and grow their business
I work with startups to launch ideas and become industry players
I work with the C-Suite to define purpose and build persona
I work with executives to evaluate old approaches and find better ways

From big to small and everything in between, I work with each client as a partner, first and foremost. 

Because I know I'm only as good as the company I keep, I have an arsenal of people, resources and teams I work with and bring into projects as-needed. From award-winning designers to status-quo disruptors, I have the right people and teams ready to jump in and deliver the absolute best work for my clients. 


Go-to-market strategy 

Develop a comprehensive go-to-market approach to achieve KPIs such as user acquisition, growth in customer base, broad and targeted awareness.

  • Develop insight-based marketing strategies that will achieve your desired results.
  • Services include: 
    • Go-to-market road maps
    • CRM engagement plans
    • Vendor and partner recommendations
  • Real-time plan refinement based on performance

Public Relations and Communications

  • Develop stand-along PR strategy and plans, or add-ons to existing marketing efforts
  • Create key media materials including:
    • Press release
    • Key messages
    • Fact sheet
    • Online press kits
  • Develop internal communications
  • Stregize and deliver op-eds and articles from leadership and company spokesperson

Executive and leadership exposure

Prepare leaders to be a public face for the company.

  • Facilitate workshops to identify leadership narrative and underlying purpose
  • Develop short and long term leadership engagement plans
  • Train leaders for speaking and stakeholder opportunities  
  • Write speaking materials, talking points, op-eds, internal communication, etc.
  • Engage media and influencers to help tell your Executive story.

Branding strategy and Assets

Create a memorable brand that people will remember. 

  • Create a brand book to include:
    • Brand look and feel
    • Mood board
    • Logos
    • Fonts
    • Colors
    • Website mock-ups and copy
  • Identify and contract award-winning designers for implementation
  • Creative platform strategy and development for larger marketing initiatives

brainstorming and workshops

Plan, facilitate and deliver outcomes from brainstorms with internal and/or external parties.

  • Coordinate brainstorm session, location and logistics
  • Facilitate brainstorm to extract as much from participants
  • Deliver outcomes and recommendations from brainstorm and working session

Social media

Develop social media strategy and recommendations.

  • Social media content strategy
  • Social media editorial calendars
  • Community management support
  • Build social audiences for promoted content

Strategic partnerships 

Assess objectives to make recommendations on partnership strategy and connections. 

  • Identify key desired partnership recommendations and introductions
  • Map out partnership goals and contracts
  • Mediate partnerships from introduction through completion


Approach content with an editorial lens to create something that tells a compelling story people will actually care about.

  • Create content framework to integrate within existing marketing efforts
  • Content production through cost-effective methods that deliver compelling images, videos and outputs

Blogger and Influencer Strategy 

Create online blogger and influencer strategies and recommended plans.

  • Identify key bloggers and influencers
  • Engage with bloggers, negotiate partnerships
  • Execute on partnerships while enhancing based on performance to-date
  • Monitor and reporting on results


Let me know because I bet I would be able to help with that, too. 


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